Lionize your small victories

Happy Easter everyone. Have we had an awesome weekend or what? Whoop!! Whoop!! Hallelujah Jesus!!! You’re so faithful. So I’m super excited about the new month and life generally but i’m specifically elated about two things and I’m celebrating with a blog post. One of the things I picked up recently as I read and… Continue reading Lionize your small victories

The easiest way to become a global teacher.

One of the few things I have grown a lot more passionate about in recent years is education. Ever since I started teaching English as a foreign language in China, I have come to appreciate the depth of skill, knowledge, and patience required to educate another human being. In a wider sense, I see myself… Continue reading The easiest way to become a global teacher.

Yī ~ Let the glory journey begin.

Dad. – Junior. What is the greatest weakness of man? Junior. – Not believing? Doubt? Dad. – That’s it. Thank you, Junior. Matthew 14: 31. – That will be the lesson. ”O ye of little faith, why do you doubt?” – From the movie “Great Debaters” This is one of my favorites quotes from a… Continue reading Yī ~ Let the glory journey begin.